Gas Abatement Carbons

Rotocarb’s FloCarb series of activated carbons are manufactured from sustainably sourced macadamia nutshells through steam activation.

The resulting activated carbon has a high-density skeleton carbon structure with a well developed bi-modal pore structure offering gas adsorption on a broad spectrum of molecular contaminants.

Flocarb is characterised by a significantly large granule (3×6 Mesh) size which accommodates high gas flow rates and lower back pressures on gas abatement systems. By utilizing the larger granule made possible by the macadamia nutshell, FloCarb does not use additional binders to produce extruded pellets of a similar size.

This high purity activated carbon has been installed in gas filtration systems across the continent including applications of vapour phase extraction, VOC removal and odour control among many others.

Please click on the link below to view the FloCarb Technical Data Sheet (TDS).

NOTE: Impregnated carbons for specific gas treatment can be supplied. Please contact our team for assistance.

Technical Data Sheets

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